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Our latest kitchen design project

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Design by Kubo/Our latest kitchen design project.
Our latest kitchen design project.

We love to share with you our latest kitchen design project. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, visualize the style (i.e. contemporary, country, industriasaaaaaaaaaaaaal, etc.) of the kitchen of your dreams, imagine the mood you would like to express (the feeling of your space: formal, informal, warm, cold, etc.), determine your budget and ensure the new kitchen design is functional (works with your daily needs and lifestyle). Also, remember all pieces should be in scale to the size of the room and for all elements to work together, this way you will create a Harmonious new kitchen. 

Design by Kubo/ Our latest kitchen design project/ Kitchen counter

Helpful check list:

Review your existing layout and plan the new layout. Are you thinking about expanding? Remember the importance of flow & functionality, and also that you can save money by leaving major systems in place (i.e. gas, plumbing, and electricity).

Check basic kitchen guidelines regarding important dimensions and settings (i.e. work triangle)

Cabinets: Reuse, refinish or buy new?

Counter-top material and how much counter-space you need

Islands or peninsulas

Appliances (Cooktops, wall ovens, microwave, warming drawers, refrigerators, freezers, sinks, garbage disposal units, hot water dispensers, dishwasher, trash compactors, etc.)

Backsplash and boards (i.e. blackboards, magnetic/pin/erasable boards, etc.)


Storage: Cabinets, shelving (for pantry, cutlery/utensils, trays, dishes, glass, pot/pans, smaller appliances, lunch boxes, etc.) 

Windows, skylights and clerestories

Ambient, mood, task, dining lighting

Electrical outlets

Chef Desk

Electronic Devices (i.e. T.V, Laptop, etc.)

Additional space for a baby chair, wheel chair, etc.



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