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No fireplace, no problem….. Create a stylish faux fireplace this winter

Did you know you actually don’t need a real fireplace to get that amazing focal point in your family room or bedroom? Here are lots of ideas on how to create your own stylish faux fireplace.

The best thing about faux fireplaces is that you can decorate them with almost anything you want. Be very careful when using any type of lights and candles (preferably use Non-Toxic and Safe Candle Alternatives like flameless led candles and lights). Make sure to read the instructions to be on the safe side to avoid fire hazards. 


Depending on the season, the holidays and the style you like, you can change the décor and voila! New style every time☺. Here is a list of items you can use depending on the ambiance you want to create: Safe flameless led candles and string lights, candle holders, lanterns, logs, plants, décor cushions, baskets, books and even your dog’s bed.  

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